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Compassionate Heart World Mission Inc is a charity organization dedicated to providing necessary resources to help those who are less privileged across the world. Through funds provided by donors and volunteer efforts, we are able to teach people vocational skills and basic health knowledge and provide food and clean water. We appreciate any level of donation or volunteer ability. Learn more and contribute where you can today.

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Compassion Is a Passion With a Heart

Most people like to think of themselves as caring, compassionate people. They may give money and time to charities, their church, and their family and friends. These are all good outlets for our goodwill, but the person with a compassionate heart doesn’t stop there. A compassionate heart will try to show love every day – in every moment – and to all living creatures.
Christine Smith

Workshop for Widows

Mission Achieved

Micro Grants for Small Business

Micro Grants for Small Business

30 Completed

Teacher Furniture

Teacher Furniture

20 Completed

School Uniform

School Uniform

200 Completed

School Books

School Books

5,000 Completed

COVID-19 Palliatives

COVID-19 Palliatives

2,000 Ongoing

Adopt a Family Program

Adopt a Family Program

3 Completed

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If you can help, become a volunteer or donate today.

Compassionate Heart World Mission Inc
(US): PO Box 1307
Bear, DE 19701

Shop E-27/28 in Amuwo Odofin Shopping Centre, Mile 2 Estate, Lagos, Nigeria

(US): 877-667-0849 
(US): +1 302-685-0068
(NG): 07066766099

Business Hours:
Always open online!
Physical donations may be dropped off Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM